About Us

I have a strong natural tendency towards philanthropic activities. This tendency towards public good runs in the Hashmi family. My father, late Hakeem Mehtabuddin Hashmi (Gold Medalist) was a renowned Unani Hakeem who founded the Hashmi Dawakhana which has later grown into an International name in Unani treatment.

Though his philanthropic mother, Smt. Shakira Begum, comes from a rural and conservative background with womanhood to her disadvantage, she has practically devoted her life to the upliftment and welfare of women from the downtrodden sections of society. She has done creditable work in the field of women empowerment. She is the Chairperson of Hashmi Human Resources Development Society.

I have inherited this worthy trait from my worthy forefathers. In a rich and affluent environment, I was destined to see the highest and lowest echelons of human society. Right from childhood,My biggest passion was for gaining knowledge about human beings and their deepest secrets. My acts speak for my pledge for the peace and prosperity of humanity. I am determined to alert my community against those who misinterpret the preachings of the last Prophet(PBUH).I believe, youngsters specially girls should be well educated to play a useful and active role in today’s India and the world . For this purpose, we have established a chain of schools and colleges from primary level to P.G level. People can be empowered only through education,that is why we are into it.

I am convinced, everyone has immense capabilities, intelligence and strength. They build this country every day of their life and yet our system crushes them at every step. We will never build a nation until we start recognizing and respecting the common men and women. We will never build a great nation until we build a system in which everyone’s progress and prosperity are based not on who they know but on what they know. This is the challenge of our generation.